1. CUVEE GERONTAMPELO 2020 [ Estate Argyros, Assyrtiko, €52.10

Gerontabelo means “old vine” in the local dia- lect of Santorini. With this special bottling, Estate Argyros pays tribute to the unique charms of its oldest vineyards at Megalochori, Pyrgos and Episkopi. This wine is terroir at its extremes. Enjoy it now but save a bottle or two in your cellar for a few years and discover more of its complexity, strength, and elegance

2. WILD FERMENT 2022 Gaia Wines, Assyrtiko, €34.70

As the “Wild Ferment” on the label suggests, this Assyrtiko is vinified with just the wild yeasts of the grape. Gaia Wines manages to capture the authenticity and formality of the Santorini vineyard at its best. This is, no doubt, one of the most typical and value-for-money wines of the region. The grape comes from old vines that soak up and render back all the magic of the island’s volcanic terroir.

3.GRAMINA CUVÉE DU VIGNERON 2022, Vassaltis Vineyards, Assyrtiko, €90,00

Gramina comes from the Latin word for “field”, and the winery knows very well that they have a very special one at the vineyard in the village of Vourvoulos. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, matured on its lees for 12 months, and rested for 7 more months in the bottle, this wine is a full-bodied white with intense mineral and flinty character, great complexity, and seductive aromas of citrus fruits, white flowers and stone fruits.

4.GRACE 2023, Anhydrous, Αϊδάνι, Μανδηλαριά , €17.60

This is a wonderful rosé, full of grace, and certainly one of the best Greek wines in this color category. Apostolos Mountrichas’ hard work in Santorini has borne much fruit, including this incredibly elegant wine. Mavrotragano blends with Aidani and, as a result, cherry, blackberry, and floral and herbal notes spring from the glass and dominate our senses lusciously.

5. SANTORINI NYKTERI 2022 Santo Wines, Aidani, Athiri, Assyrtiko, €27.30

Ιf you’re a fan of exuberant style in wine, you’ll definitely appreciate this wine. Nychteri (from the Greek word “νύχτα”, meaning “night”) is the perfectly austere expression of Santorini’s terroir. Rich and complex in aromas, with high acidity, luscious sip, mineral notes, long duration and even longer aftertaste, it’s the ultimate must-try from Santorini.


6. AIDANI 2022N Hatzidakis Winery, Aidani, €28.50

Santorini isn’t just about Assyrtiko, and this Aidiani varietal proudly proves that. A sophisticated white wine which flirts with an oxidative style, this was created with passion by the late Haridimos Hatzidakis. Its captivating golden-yellow color suggests a palate with strong herbal and fruity aromatic elements and complexity.

7. KALLISTI RESERVE 2020 Boutari, Assyrtiko, €37.20

The first-ever barrel-aged Santorini wine, this undisputedly pioneering label is the perfect com- bination of the explosive acidity of Assyrtiko and the aromatic complexity that the barrel gives. This classic – some might say “historic” – wine is fer- mented in an oak barrel, giving the distinctively metallic and lemony aromas of the grape a more roasted and smokier aromatic dimension.

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8. SANTORINI NATURAL FERMENT 2022 Gavalas Winery, Assyrtiko, €40.20

Gavalas Winery has created a PDO Santorini wine using exclusively native yeasts. This process imparts an impressive complexity to the wine, reflecting the characteristics of the terroir. The result is a crisp white with amazing minerality and a hint of saltiness. Alongside medium- intensity notes of fruit, there’s a citrus palate that emphasizes the bone-dry acidity and refreshes with each creamy-textured, full-bodied sip.

9. LOUROI PLATIA 2021 Artemis Karamolegos Winery, Assyrtiko, €60.80

The winery of Artemis Karamolegos pays hom- age to Assyrtiko and to the climate and terroir of Santorini. This wine is crafted from grapes sourced from a vineyard in Pyrgos that’s called Louroi Platia and features vines that are more than 150 years old. A remarkable Santorini wine, it matures for almost a year on its lees, acquiring an extremely complex aromatic profile and earn- ing great accolades from the wine world.

10. TRIA AMPELIA 2021 Oeno Π, Assyrtiko, €70.70

Sourced from three vineyards in Akrotiri, Megalochori and Fira that average out in age to over sixty years, this wine has been vinified and matured on the lees for more than 15 months in large clay vats, unveiling a character that emphasizes lemony fruit and minerality, with hints of iodine. An Assyrtiko of unimaginable purity and complexity, it surprises with its oiliness and minerality.

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