After the passing of Haridimos Hatzidakis in 2016, his family, including his widow Konstantina and their three children, Stella, Ariadni and Antonis, took over this unique winery, which is a part of Santorini’s wine legacy and embodies a centuries-old winemaking tradition.

The winery, situated in Kallisti near Pyrgos, is a traditional canava, or wine facility; it’s carved into the soft but solid volcanic rock of the island. It consists of a cellar 12 meters long where the barrels are kept and the wine tastings take place, protected from the high summer temperatures. The rest of the winery, built in 2014 as an addition to the old canava, houses the main production area. The winery produces approximately 130,00 bottles, of which about 50% are exported to markets around the world.

The late Haridimos Hatzidakis, considered one of Santorini’s most talented oenologists, was the first to vinify single-vineyard wines, sourcing his grapes from the unique Louros vineyard. He also worked together with Paris Sigalas to make the first red wines from the rare variety Mavrotragano in 1997.


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Today, his family is continuing his legacy and has added some new labels to the portfolio: Rabelia, a single-vineyard Assyrtiko, and Liasimo, a sweet dessert wine made from the variety Mandilari and using the Solera method to draw from different vintages. The second of these has not yet been put on the market.


  • AIDANI 2022
    100% Aidani. The grapes are sourced from the first vineyard planted by Haridimos Hatzidakis in Pyrgos. Fermented in stainless steel tanks.
  • FAMIGLIA 2023 100% Assyrtiko from Megalochori, Pyrgos and Monolithos vineyard, this label, the one that replaced Santorini Hatzidaki, is a typical stainless steel Assyrtiko.
  • SKYTALI 2022 100% Assyrtiko. Stainless steel fermentation, aged for 12 months on the lees, this is a more complex and well-rounded wine.
  • RABELIA 2022 100% Assyrtiko. A single-vineyard wine, 70% vinified in stainless steel on the lees and 30% in oak barrel.
  • NYKTERI 2022 100% Assyrtiko, fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged in second and third-use oak barrels. This is a classic Santorini Nychteri.
  • ROSETTE 2022 A rosé wine from the Mandilaria variety, it has aromas of cherries and strawberries.
  • MAVROTRAGANO 2021 100% Mavrotragano, this wine undergoes stainless steel fermentation and barrel ageing for 18 months. Aromas of red fruit, bitter chocolate and tobacco, along with a strong minerality, are joined by pronounced tannins, and high acidity on the palate, and a long aftertaste.
  • NAMA 100% Mandilari. This is a sweet dessert wine, a blend of different vintages and different vine- yards which is aged in oak barrels for 14 years.
  • VINSANTO 2012 80% Assyrtiko, 20% Aidani, this wine is made from sun-dried grapes and aged in the barrel for 14 years.


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