Artemis Karamolegos belongs to the group of winemakers who wish to showcase the unique Santorini terroir by making single-vineyard wines, a trend first established by late Haridimos Hatzidakis in 2008, followed by Paris Sigalas in 2009.

This winemaker, however, has taken it a step further, focusing not only on single vineyards but on single vines, such as those in Papas in Megalochori, or others in Kamari, Exo Gonia (where the winery is located), Messaria, Pyrgos and Akrotiri.

Karamolegos’ main aim is to explore all that Assyrtiko can offer, coming up with different expressions of the variety, depending on the different vineyards of Louros, Papas, or Ftelos.

The traditional “kouloures” of the Santorini vineyard.

The parcels from each vineyard are vinified separately, mostly in stainless steel tanks and clay vats, and spend at least a year ageing, resulting in the production of wines characterized by sophistication and complexity.

“We use small tanks ranging from 500 liters to two tons to vinify individual parcels and track the differences in each vineyard,” Karamolegos says. He explains that these labels come out only in the best years and never exceed 2,000 bottles. The winery also produces one more single-vine- yard label, Mistirio 14, an orange Assyrtiko from vines over 100 years old located in Pyrgos. His best-known label, however, is Piritis, made from three extraordinary three vine parcels of Assyrtiko that might be more than 120 years old: two in Pyrgos, and one in Megalochori.

The winery, open to visitors, offers wine tours and wine tastings; guests can also enjoy a meal in their picturesque restaurant, Aroma Avlis, choosing from a menu based on local products. The winery also offers cooking classes

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Classic white vinification under controlled temperatures using only neutral yeasts in order to maintain the character of the varietal. Full of minerality and flint typical of Santorini Assyrtiko, the palate shows considerable depth and genuine concentration, rich and dense with finesse and well-balanced acidity.

A single-vineyard Assyrtiko from Pyrgos, this is a wine produced without any additions, stabilization or filtration during the fermentation and matura- tion process, apart from a very small amount of sulfites added before bottling. A very intense nose, revealing another aspect of Santorini’s character.


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