This is a small family-owned winery, one of the oldest of Santorini, located in the village of Megalochori.

Vagelis Gavalas represents the fifth generation of winemakers in his family and, together with his father Giorgos, is continuing the family tradition of winemaking. In the mid ’90s, Giorgos Gavalas decided to take the winery onto a more modern path, acquiring new equipment, which replaced traditional winemaking methods.

The first vinification in the new winery took place in 1998; the products were a Santorini Assyrtiko in the now-characteristic blue bottle, and a traditional Vinsanto which ferments and ages for six years in 100-year-old barrels made from oak and imported from Russia when wine trade to that country was flourishing.

The charming courtyard – where the wine tastings take place – is next to the old “patitiri”, where the stomping of the grapes used to take place.

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The winery’s annual production is normally around 100,000 bottles per year, but last year it fell to 60,000 bottles because of the poor harvest caused by extreme weather conditions. The grapes are mainly sourced from vineyards around Megalochori, although some do come from Akrotiri in the southern part of the island. The winery is open to visitors daily from April to October.


  • ΑIDANI 2023 It’s 100% Αidani, vinified in stainless steel tanks, where it spends 3-4 months on the lees. The grapes come from the area of Akrotiri. Aromas of green apple on the nose characterize this light wine that can be served as an aperitif or paired with fresh salad.
  • ASSYRTIKO 2022 NATURAL FERMENT The grapes come from the Megalochori vineyards, and only natural yeasts are used. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, then a part of the wine spends some time in oak barrels before being returned to the blend.
  • NYKTERI 2022Q A classic Nychteri, vinified in large oak barrels.
  • ENALIA 2022 100% Assyrtiko. This is the latest addition to the winery’s portfolio. Whole-bunch vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks and clay vats where it spends at least two years on the lees. The grapes come from old vineyards in Megalochori and Pyrgos. It is a more complex version of the simple Αssyrtiko label.
  • MAVROTRAGANO 2022 This is a fresh red wine made from 100% Mavrotragano grapes. It is vinified in stainless steel vats and aged for 7-9 months in small second-use or third- use barrels. With aromas of fresh red fruit, this wine can be drunk slightly chilled in the summer.
  • VINSANTO 2017 Οne of the winery’s signature wines, this product makes it to market once every six years. It’s made in the traditional way, from sun-dried grapes. The oldest vintage is from 1967, which was bottled for the first time in 2012. It boasts aromas of raisins, dried fruit and dark chocolate.


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